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Sustainability Council

Welcome to the LA Metro Sustainability Council

The mission of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA Metro) Sustainability Council “Council” is to advise LA Metro regarding its sustainability-related activities and projects; and to continually improve sustainability efforts by developing targets, metrics, and strategies to assist LA Metro achieve stated sustainability program goals.

The objectives of the Sustainability Council are as follows:

  • To increase awareness of sustainability-related leading industry practices and best practices for inclusion in all public discussions and decision-making processes;
  • To advise in the development of the LA Metro sustainability goals, established targets, and performance measures, and assist in the tracking and reporting on a quarterly basis;
  • To increase involvement of local small business and inform the larger public on sustainability work and related training; and
  • Improve the understanding of our constituents and stakeholders of the sustainability-related efforts and opportunities at LA Metro.

Become a Sustainability Council Member

In order to be responsive to the needs of all of our stakeholders, LA Metro is seeking up to 30 members of our various stakeholder groups to participate in the Council. We are currently seeking nominations to become a Council member.


Nominations are due at 5pm on June 23, 2017

Member Positions by Sector/Area:

Member Positions by Sector/Area

Open Seats for Nominations:

P = Primary
A = Alternate

Water Resources A
Water Quality A
Air Quality (including the urban heat island effect) A
Habitat and Natural Resources A
Climate A
Material and Resources A
NGO members representing Social Justice, Environmental Justice, and Equity A
Member representing Local Labor Unions (Non-Metro) P A
Member representing the Associated General Contractors (AGC) A
Member representing the real estate development community P A
Academic Institutions member representing research and innovation A

Meetings and Other Resources

The next public meeting to discuss the Council and other related matters is on August 11, 2017 @ 10 am at the LA Metro Headquarters, Los Angeles CA.

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