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Fact Sheet

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Metro stations must be well located, recognizable, attractive, and easy to use, with well-designed station public areas, including plazas, concourses and platforms. Through coordination with other Metro departments, cities and other stakeholders, the Systemwide Design team helps design Metro stations that connect to the urban environment and regional transit network, and provide a seamless transfer experience between different modes for all transit riders.

To create a quality customer experience, our team works to ensure that all current and future Rail and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) station designs are compliant with Metro’s Systemwide Station Design Standards. The Systemwide Station Design raises the bar on station architecture, establishing a distinct unified identity for a world-class transit system. By optimizing the layout of station areas, operational equipment, and customer amenities, we strive to:

  • Provide a safe, accessible and comfortable Metro experience
  • Connect Metro stations to the greater regional transit network
  • Orient stations to neighborhood destinations and pedestrian routes
  • Improve the durability of Metro’s infrastructure to reduce maintenance
  • Support the vision of transit-oriented communities