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Project Status

On December 10, 2009, the Metro Board of Directors authorized completing the required environmental analysis and preliminary engineering of a Hybrid Alternative for inclusion in the Final Environmental Document. The proposed Hybrid Alternative addresses issues and concerns raised during the public comment period and includes several new elements such as retaining the existing flyover connector for southbound Glendale Bl traffic, installing a ramp meter on the existing flyover connector operating during peak hours, enhancing end-of-freeway traffic control devices to slow down off-peak traffic flow, etc. The Final Environmental Document was approved in December 2010 with a Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) and Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI). The Hybrid Alternative is recommended to Caltrans as the Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA), inclusive of the proposed improvements that enhance vehicular and pedestrian safety and provides an opportunity to create an open space in the SR-2 terminus project area.

The next phase of the project includes preparing the Phase I Plans, Specifications and Engineering (PS&E). Caltrans is utilizing the TEA -21 earmark funds for the PS&E which started in February 2012. Phase 1 will be split into two phases, Phase 1A and Phase 1B.

Phase 1A construction was completed in November 2013. Safety related improvements included: speed feedback sign, lane restriping and replacement of freeway signage.

Phase 1B improvements include installation of ramp meter on the approach to the flyover, extend existing median on Glendale Bl, replace lighting under the Glendale Bl bridge, repair sidewalks, retrofit ADA ramps, add crosswalks at several intersections and construct soundwalls. The open space area between the flyover ramp and the back of the Glendale Bl sidewalk will be re-landscaped to improve its appearance. Final design for Phase 1B is concurrent with Phase 1A; however, due to its more complex scope of work, construction is anticipated to begin in Winter 2014/2015.

Phase 2 includes the realignment of the southbound off-ramp east of the bridge (adjacent to the northbound on-ramp), demolition of the existing diamond configured off-ramp and sidewalk, and construction at the ramps on Glendale Bl. This phase of the project is currently not funded; therefore, final design will begin after funding is programmed for this work.