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Characteristics of Hybrid Alternative

Essential Features of the SR-2 Hybrid Alternative

Basic Features

  • Retain existing flyover connector for through southbound Glendale Blvd traffic
  • Install connector meter on existing flyover connector operating during peak hours
  • Enhanced end-of-freeway traffic control devices to slow down off-peak traffic flow
  • Realignment of the southbound lanes approaching the terminus beginning at the Route 5/Route 2 Interchange including improved delineation and signage
  • Relocation of the off-ramp from the west side of the flyover to the east side of the flyover adjacent to the existing on-ramp with right turn only for traffic destined for northbound Glendale Blvd
  • Removal of the sidewalk on the east side of Glendale Blvd between Allesandro Street and the Glendale/Waterloo/Fargo Street intersection
  • Reconfiguration of the northbound Glendale Blvd approach to the on-ramp to accommodate the installation of a half-signal for the relocated off-ramp
  • Minor modification of the Glendale/Waterloo/Fargo intersection based on the removal of the off-ramp from that intersection
  • Availability of excess land generated by the relocation of the off-ramp for future development of community open space
  • Remaining half of existing Glendale Bvld overcrossing structure available as future connecting pathway for non-motorized transportation use
  • Soundwall installation along edge of R./W within the identified limits of the freeway portion of the route
  • Add barrier and extensive landscape improvements within the median of Route 2 from Route 5 to the terminus
  • Place enhanced crosswalks and intersection paving at the intersections of Glendale Blvd with Allesandro Street and with Waterloo/Fargo Street

Other Considerations

  • Possibility for phased implementation of improvements based on availability of funding in order to facilitate early construction opportunity
  • Compatibility with any subsequent improvements considered for future implementation at the Glendale/Alvarado intersection or the Route 5 northbound and southbound connectors to southbound Route 2