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Hybrid Alternative

During the alternatives analysis and environmental studies Metro and Caltrans studied six alternatives ranging from the full removal of the bridge and flyover to a No-Build Alternative. Metro conducted extensive community outreach and valuable input was received from the local community and elected officials throughout the study process. In December 2009, the Metro Board of Directors considered all the competing technical, environmental and community inputs and approved a Hybrid Alternative to move forward for preliminary engineering and final design. This Hybrid Alternative combines the best features from the range of alternatives considered and addresses the projects Purpose and Need Statement: To better manage the traffic and improve safety in the area. The Hybrid Alternative retains the existing flyover connector for southbound Glendale Bl traffic.

Components of the Hybrid Alternative include the following:

  • Install ramp meter on existing flyover connector to operate during off peak hours Phase 1B)
  • Speed feedback signs (Phase 1A/1B)
  • Realignment of the southbound lanes approaching the terminus beginning at the Route 5/Route 2 interchange, including improved delineation and signage (Phase 2)
  • Relocation of the off-ramp from the west side of the flyover to the east side of the flyover adjacent to the existing on-ramp with right turn only for traffic destined for northbound Glendale Bl (Phase2)
  • Removal of the sidewalk on the east side of Glendale Bl between Allesandro St and the Glendale/Waterloo/Fargo intersection (Phase 2)
  • Reconfiguration of the northbound Glendale Bl approach to the on-ramp to accommodate the installation of a half-signal for the relocated off-ramp (Phase 2)
  • Minor modification of the Glendale/Waterloo/Fargo intersection based on the removal of the off-ramp from that intersection (Phase 2)
  • Availability of excess land generated by the relocation of the off-ramp for future development of community open space (Phase 2)
  • Remaining half of existing Glendale Bl overcrossing structure available as future connecting pathway for non-motorized transportation use (Phase 2)
  • Soundwall installation along edge of R/W within the identified limits of the freeway portion of the route (Phase 1B)
  • Add barrier and extensive landscape improvements within the median of SR-2 from Route 5 to the terminus (Phase 2)
  • Place enhanced crosswalks and intersection paving at the intersections of Glendale Bl/Allesandro St and Waterloo/Fargo St (Phase 1B)

Other Considerations