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Fund your SRTS Program

Many of the SRTS activities can be carried out by parent volunteers, student volunteers, and school staff with minimal investment. However, funding for larger project or program efforts may be necessary. Successful implementation of district-wide programs, engineering/infrastructure improvement and enforcement strategies may require more significant investment.

SRTS programs and activities are eligible for federal, state, regional and local funding. Please consider partnering with local agencies and community based organizations when applying for funding.

Metro also recommends stakeholders to explore the list of active transportation-related funding opportunities at Upcoming Active Transportation Funding Opportunity Log

Sources for SRTS Funding consideration include:

  • Fixing America's Surface Transportation (FAST ACT) : The FAST ACT leaves each state Department of Transportation with discretion about whether to fund Safe Routes to School projects, and how much funding to dedicate to these initiatives. (Only infrastructure projects are eligible.)
  • Highway Safety Improvement Program : Provides funding for bicycle and pedestrian safety improvements, as well as education and encouragement programs. (Both infrastructure and non-infrastructure are eligible.)
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) : Grants and contracts are available for programs and projects that support the mission of promoting health and quality of life by preventing and controlling disease, injury, and disability. (Only non-infrastructure projects are eligible.)
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) : Grants are available for environmental education projects that enhance the public's awareness, knowledge and skills to help people make informed decisions that affect environmntal quality. (Non- Infrastructure Only)
  • Active Transportation Program (ATP) :The ATP consolidates existing federal and state transportation programs, including State Safe Routes to School (SR2S), into a single program with a focus to make California a national leader in active transportation. (Infrastructure and Non-Infrastructure)
  • Caltrans Sustainable Communities Grant Program : The Sustainable Communities Grants fund transportation planning projects that achieve the Caltrans Mission and Grant Program Overarching Objectives, identify and address mobility deficiencies in the multimodal transportation system, encourage stakeholder collaboration, involve active public engagement, integrate Smart Mobility 2010 concepts, and ultimately result in programmed system improvements.. Community to school studies or safe routes to school studies or plans are eligible project types. (Non-Infrastructure Only)
  • Caltrans Planning & Environmental Justice Grants : Caltrans also administers Transportation Planning Grant awards that improve mobility by innovatively solving problems or deficiencies in the transportation system. (Infrastructure and Non-Infrastructure)
  • Community Based Transportation Grant Program : The Community-Based Transportation Planning (CBTP) grant program promotes transportation and land use planning projects that encourage community involvement and partnership. These grants include community and key stakeholder input, collaboration, and consensus building through an active public engagement process. (Non-Infrastructure Only)

  • Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) Grants : The Office of Traffic Safety distributes grants statewide to establish new traffic safety programs or fund ongoing safety programs. OTS grants may only be applied to non-infrastructure projects, such as Walk Safe, Bike Safe Train the Trainer Programs. (Non-Infrastructure Only)

  • Metro Call for Projects: Every other year, Metro accepts Call for Projects applications in eight modal categories. Local jurisdictions, transit operators, and other public agencies are encouraged to submit applications proposing projects for funding. (Infrastructure Only)

  • SCAG Sustainability Planning Grants : The Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) provides Sustainability Planning Grants, which are opportunities for local planning efforts to become regional showcases for great planning. Grants are available in three categories for Active Transportation Projects. (Non-Infrastructure Only)

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