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Program for Students

Encouragement And Education Campaigns

Safe Routes to School Encouragement and Education Campaigns are designed to inspire and motivate students as well as their parents or caregivers to walk, bike, or roll their way to/from school more. Commonly, Encouragement and Education Campaigns are a simple and fun way to start a SRTS Program. Schools can choose a campaign, tailor a campaign, or create their own.

In Chapter 1 of the Resource Manual , eight (8) encouragement and education campaigns were developed to highlight different benefits of SRTS programs. Each campaign presents a theme and activity ideas that the schools can choose to implement for different grades of students at different time of the year. The school may also customize the activities to meet the unique needs of their students of different backgrounds and grade levels.

Each campaign includes the following tools for easy implementation:

  • Monthly campaign overview
  • School newsletter template to be sent home to parents and caregivers
  • Principal announcement template to be delivered during an assembly or other gatherings
  • Fun and educational activity sheets such as word search and coloring sheets (designed mainly for K through 5) that can be reproduced and distributed to students.

Schools can follow the steps below to conduct the campaign activities:

  • 1. Review menu of ready-to-go campaign activities
    Ready-to-go campaign activities were developed to support Encouragement and Education efforts. Activity ideas with different themes were suggested for different times of the year. Schools can review the menu here and choose to conduct the activities that fit its unique needs and schedule. Remember, the activities are fully customizable and can be adjusted to meet the needs of students of different backgrounds and grade levels.
  • 2. Advertise events via school newsletter or announcement
    It is recommended that the school advertises the Education and Encouragement activities that will be conducted by sending the students home with a school newsletter and/or through principal announcement. The newsletter and principal announcement templates were provided here that school administrators can modify as needed.
  • 3. Make copies and distribute activity sheets to students
    Fun and educational activity sheets such as crosswords, word scrambles and coloring sheets were provided here. Teachers can pick and choose among the activity sheets across the campaigns, and distribute those that best meet the needs and grade level of their students.
  • 4. Conduct events & activities and HAVE FUN!
    Conducting Encouragement and Education activities and events provide fun ways for students, parents, as well as teachers to learn about the benefits and safety tips of walking and biking. Let us all walk safe, bike safe, roll safe, and have fun!