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How to Use This Manual

Metro developed the SRTS Resource Manual to provide guidance to aid schools in building and sustaining a successful SRTS program. It provides resources and program suggestions for school administrators, teachers, parents, community members, and other champions of SRTS projects and programs throughout LA County. The Manual includes fact sheets on the benefits of SRTS to help inspire action, a catalog of suggested programs and activities with step-by-step instructions, as well as sample materials and templates that SRTS champions can download, make copy, and distribute. Remember that SRTS is fully customizable – everything in this Resource Manual can be tailored to fit your school’s unique needs, students and schedule.

New to SRTS? Start with our “What is Safe Routes to School” fact page that lists the program benefits, and includes a number of statistics about student travel and health in Los Angeles County.

Follow the Action Route Map : The SRTS Action Route Map outlines three paths that school champions can follow to address different aspects of developing a SRTS program. Recognizing that certain strategies may take more time than others to implement, it is suggested that the schools can start with easy-to-launch programs such as encouragement and education campaigns and Train the Trainer workshops.

Ready to Kick Off SRTS at Your School? Head to our Education and Encouragement Campaigns (Chapter 1) and start planning your year.

Focused on Walking and Biking Safety? Our Walk Safe, Bike Safe Train the Trainer Program (Chapter 2) provides an Instructor Guide and Participant Workbook containing walking and bicycling safety training curriculum and tips on organizing a Walking School Bus or Bike Rodeo. Our Enforcement strategies offer program examples that help ensure safe behavior in and around the school zone.

Interested in Improving Your Routes to School? Our Travel Plan section (Chapter 3) will walk you through the steps for conducting a walk audit and documenting the results. Our Enforcement, Evaluation and Funding section (Chapter 4) provides additional tips on enhancing and sustaining safe routes to school efforts.

Lessons learned from Metro’s Safe Routes to School Pilot Program were presented in the Appendix to provide school-based perspectives for the readers.

Walk Safe, Bike Safe, Roll Safe and Have Fun!