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Program for School Champions

Walk Safe, Bike Safe Train The Trainer Program

One of the key factors of a successful Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program is having a dedicated team of SRTS champions, including parents, caregivers, teachers, school representatives, local community members and other stakeholders.

The Walk Safe, Bike Safe Train the Trainer Program is designed for both existing and potential SRTS champions by offering training workshops to advance their knowledge on implementing SRTS activities. The curriculum focuses on training them about safe walking and biking skills that can be passed along to students. It also provides instructions and guidance on how to carry out promotional campaign activities such as a walking school bus and bike rodeo to encourage and reinforce safe and healthy walking/biking habits for students.

The following materials were provided in Chapter 2 of the Resource Manual to help conduct the training the workshops. You can also download the editable version of the Train the Trainer material here .

  • Steps for Success: Lessoned learned from Metro’s Safe Routes to School Pilot Program on how to implement successful Train the Trainer Program
  • Instructor Manual: Course structure, speaker notes and teaching instructions to help instructor prepare and deliver the training workshop
  • Participant Workbook (English and Spanish): Course material for training workshop participants, including activity worksheets and key lesson notes
  • Safety Tips Trading Cards: Promotional materials with safety messages that can be easily reproduced and distributed to workshop participants for their children/students
  • Certificate of Achievement: Certificate template that can be customized and handed out to participants who completed the training
  • Post-Training Survey: Survey template that aims at evaluating and improving future training workshops

Schools can follow the steps below to conduct the Walk Safe, Bike Safe Train the Trainer workshops:

  • 1. Identify parent or member of school staff to be the instructor(s)
    Identify a SRTS Champion who can confidently teach walking and biking safety skills to parents and community volunteers so they can teach their children and other members in their neighborhood later on.
  • 2. Review the instructor manual and teaching materials
    The Instructor Manual provides course structure, speaker notes and teaching instructions to help instructors successfully prepare and deliver the course. The instructors can find additional teaching aids such as participant workbook and Safety Tips Trading Cards here.
  • 3. Schedule training sessions
    Find a time and place to conduct the Walk Safe Bike Safe Train the Trainer Session. Promote your session to an interested audience and actively engaged community members. They will help you with word of mouth advertising.
  • 4. Make copies of the participant workbook and host the trainings
    The participant workbook seeks to help Walk Safe Bike Safe Train the Trainer Session attendees learn more about SRTS Programs, follow the instructor throughout the workshop, and take notes. Do not forget to make enough copies of the participant workbook for the training attendees!
  • 5. Apply what you have learned and conduct Education and Encouragement Campaigns
    It's show time! Now that you are a Walk Safe Bike Safe expert, it is time to apply what you have learned. Go to Chapter 1- Encouragement and Education Campaigns to find inspiration, choose a campaign, and conduct an event or activity.