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Metro, in partnership with the City of Diamond Bar, the City of Industry, and the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments (SGVCOG) and in cooperation with Caltrans District 7, is revalidating a portion of the environmental process and design for the SR-57/SR-60 Confluence at Grand Avenue Project’s (57/60 Confluence) Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR; 2013). Built in the 1970’s, the two-mile long stretch of SR-57/SR-60 confluence is the third worst congested freeway segment in California , and sixth worst in the U.S., serving more than 100 million vehicles per year and transporting nearly $4 billion dollars of goods. For these reasons, completing improvements to the SR-57/60 confluence is important for regional mobility and for the economic vitality for the region.

The SR-57/SR-60 Interchange Improvements is the next and final step in completing improvements to the 57/60 Confluence. Project improvements will stretch from just south of the northbound SR-57/SR-60 merge to eastbound SR-60 and south of the Golden Springs Drive overpass and along a portion of Grand Avenue from the City of Industry to the City of Diamond Bar. Before construction may begin, the project will ensure previous environmental work is updated to accurately consider current state and federal standards, identify and update assessments for existing project area conditions, and determine the need for minor design alterations that best serve the goals of the project.

Project Goals :

  • Increase freeway capacity while reducing traffic congestion
  • Improve traffic flow and community connections
  • Increase freight travel efficiency
  • Improve freeway operations and safety
  • Enhance quality of l ife


Current Measure M funds and efforts to obtain grant funding are currently being conducted to fully fund the project.