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Both, SR-57 and SR-60 are major travel routes that are critical to Southern California’s regional traffic flow and serve as important links in the movement of goods from coastal ports to inland counties and other states. SR-57 is one of few north-south freeways in the region, serving as a key link between Orange County and East Los Angeles County. In contrast, SR-60 is an essential east-west corridor connecting employees and freight between Los Angeles County and the most populous parts of the Inland Empire.  It is also one of the most highly utilized truck routes moving 43% of freight goods in-and-out of the Greater Los Angeles Basin.

The need and travel demand at the confluence of the SR-57 and SR-60 are at growing risk due to increased pressure from increased population and economic demands. This stretch of freeway has been ranked the sixth worst freight bottleneck in the nation and number one in California for delays and truck related accidents. In 2013, the Federal Highway Administration identified it as one of the 25 most “Congested Freight-Significant Locations” in the nation. Ranked as the second highest truck accident location in Southern California, this significantly impacts travel and goods movement as well as further congesting the Cities of Diamond Bar and Industry streets. Diamond Bar commuter habits reflect this, since they are among the highest San Gabriel Valley commute times to work, averaging 35.9 minutes.