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Project Status

Current Status

On May 25, 2017, by a vote of 12-0 , the Metro Board of Directors approved directing the SR-710 North Project funds to local operational improvements to address traffic congestion caused by the 4.5-mile gap in the 710 freeway between Alhambra and Pasadena.  Under the motion approved by the Board, $105 million from Measure R will be used for local improvements listed in the Transportation System Management/Transportation Demand Management (TSM/TDM) alternative studied in the environmental document including, traffic signal upgrades and synchronization, local street and intersection improvements, improved connections to existing bus and rail service and the promotion of rideshare in the area. Additionally, the Board action allocates the remaining Measure R funds towards new improvement projects within the SR 710 North Study Area that relieve traffic congestion that is directly related to the existing SR 710 gap in the transportation system.

While the Metro Board adopted the TSM/TDM as the Locally Preferred Alternative, the decision on a Preferred Alternative will be made by Caltrans later this year.

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