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Since 2010, Caltrans and Metro have been working together on the State Route 710 North Study to evaluate mobility and identify traffic solutions between the western San Gabriel Valley and the east/northeast area of Los Angeles. The transportation network in this area was started more than half a century ago but was never completed.

The Study is funded by Measure R, which was passed by two-thirds of Los Angeles County voters in 2008, mandating transportation upgrades throughout the County. Measure R specifically allocated $780 million for the SR-710 North traffic congestion relief efforts.

A Draft Environmental Impact Report/Statement (EIR/EIS) was released for public review and comments between March – August 2015. After comparing and weighing the benefits and impacts of a range of multimodal alternatives, reviewing approximately 8,000 comments received and completing the performance evaluation for each of the five alternatives considered in the environmental review process, the alternative that best addresses the purpose and need of the project and the evaluation performance measures is the Single Bore Freeway Tunnel with tolls and truck restrictions.

Five Alternatives were studied in depth in the Draft EIR/EIS .

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