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Community Liaison Council

Interested in joining a Community Liaison Council (CLC)?

We are currently in the process of forming CLCs in various communities to support the SR-710 Environmental Study team in providing feedback on the technical study and overall outreach efforts.  CLCs will play an important role in the project development process.  Each CLC will be comprised of stakeholders within a specific study-area community. The CLCs may include local residents, business owners, community-based organizations, chambers of commerce, environmental groups, institutions, major employers, among others.

Community Liaison Council Roles and Responsibilities

  • As a CLC participant, you will act as a liaison between the study team and your community by:
  • Sharing updates with others
  • Providing feedback to the study team
  • Helping shape improvements proposed for the study area
  • Gathering feedback received from others in your community
  • Recommending outreach activities and making suggestions to enhance the public participation program

The success of each CLC depends on active participation! To that end, CLC participants should make every effort to attend CLC meetings consistently and to provide continuity in moving the dialogue on the SR-710 Environmental Study forward.

If you choose to participate in a CLC, please sign up today using the sign up form below and a member of the SR-710 Outreach Team will contact you with information specific to your designated CLC.

Thank you for your commitment to improving transportation in our region!