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Short Range Transportation Plan 2014

What is the 2014 Short Range Transportation Plan?

The 2014 Short Range Transportation Plan is a ten-year action plan that guides our programs and projects through 2024. It advances us towards the long-term goals identified in the 2009 Long Range Transportation Plan, a 30-year vision for addressing growth and traffic in Los Angeles County. It was adopted by our Metro Board in July 2014.

The Plan identifies the short-term challenges, provides an analysis of our financial resources, proposes action plans for the public transportation and highway modes, and includes other project and program initiatives. In addition, it addresses sustainability, future funding strategies, and lastly, measures the Plan's performance.

View the Plan online (2.4 MB; Acrobat Reader plug-in required).

View the The Technical Document .

The Technical Document is a companion document to the Plan, providing additional information regarding sustainability, financial modeling and assumptions, travel demand modeling and assumptions and performance analysis.