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Sepulveda Pass Corridor

The Sepulveda Pass is a vital regional transportation corridor connecting the San Fernando Valley with the Westside region of Los Angeles. The Sepulveda Pass Corridor is one of twelve transit projects funded by Measure R. $1 billion in funding was allocated for this corridor in the Measure R sales tax measure that was approved by the voters of Los Angeles County in November 2008.  However, funding would not be available until the third decade of the plan unless new ways to accelerate the funding or alternatives means of funding the project are identified.

Metro Planning completed an initial Systems Planning Study in November 2012 of various modal concepts for the Sepulveda Pass Corridor. As a part of this review, staff conducted a review of six representative system concepts that ranged from lower cost at-grade bus and highway improvements (Concepts 1 and 2) to higher cost options such as an aerial guideway (Concept 3) and tunnels under the mountains for both highway and/or transit (Concepts 4-6). A tolling component was also considered for all concepts as a means to help fund the improvements and accelerate construction. The Final Compendium Report (November 2012) provides the study findings and was received by the Metro Board of Directors on December 13, 2012. The Metro Board of Directors will consider next steps for this corridor in early 2013.

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