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Equity & Race

Metro believes that access to opportunity should be at the center of decision-making around public investments and services.

This is especially true for transportation, which is an essential lever to enabling that access. Vast disparities among neighborhoods and individuals in LA County limit this access, making opportunity harder to reach for some, whether it’s jobs, housing, education, health care, safe environments or other essential tenets of thriving, vibrant communities.  Transportation infrastructure, programs, and service investments must be targeted toward those with the greatest mobility needs first, in order to improve access to opportunity for all.

While we have done some good work, it has not been enough, and we know that we must do more to combat systemic racism and the socioeconomic inequities that exist in our region. Metro’s Equity Platform, adopted by the Board in 2018, guides how the agency will work to address these disparities and create more equitable access to opportunity through four main areas of action. These areas are called the pillars of the Equity Platform:

  • Define and Measure
  • Listen and Learn
  • Focus and Deliver
  • Train and Grow

The Equity Platform is designed to inform, shape and guide every facet of the agency’s business, on a continuing basis, to shape projects, investments, and new initiatives. The platform is not a singular task or process that will be completed, but rather an agency commitment to incorporate equity into all facets of Metro’s work, and continuously pursue equitable outcomes in everything we do.