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Bus Rapid Transit Studies

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Why Bus Rapid Transit?

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is a high-quality bus service that provides faster, more reliable and convenient service through the use of several key attributes, including, dedicated bus lanes, branded vehicles and stations, higher frequency, intelligent transportation systems, and possible off-board fare collection and/or all door boarding. BRT helps avoid some of the normal delays typically experienced by regular bus service traveling in mixed flow traffic.  BRT has the potential to increase transit access, improve regional mobility, reduce transportation costs, and ease commutes.

Key BRT features include:

  • More frequent service with limited stops
  • Peak period or full-time dedicated bus lanes
  • Transit signal priority
  • Branded vehicles/stations
  • Customer friendly stations/stops with passenger amenities
  • Real-time bus arrival information
  • All-door boarding

BRT can travel:

  • Curb-running dedicated lanes
  • Median-running dedicated lanes

Curb Running BRT
Curb Running BRT

Median Running BRT
Median Running BRT

Why study BRT?

Metro is always seeking opportunities to:

  • Improve transit service for both existing and future riders
  • Attract new riders
  • Improve bus travel speeds, service reliability and/or on-time performance
  • Enhance passenger comfort and convenience
  • Ease traffic congestion
  • Reduce bus/auto conflicts