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Long Range Transportation Plan

Moving Los Angeles Into the Future

Over the last 25 years, we have made tremendous progress in creating more transportation options for everyone who lives, works and plays throughout Los Angeles County.  There is even more to come with 2 new rail lines set to open in 2016, 3 more rail lines under construction, and more transit and highway projects moving forward.  At the same time, Metro is always thinking about the future.  We are currently working to update our Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) that was last adopted in 2009 .  Once approved by the Metro Board of Directors, the LRTP serves as a blue print for how Metro will spend anticipated revenues in the coming decades to:

  • Operate and maintain our current and planned system;
  • Continue to deliver on our commitments from the 2009 LRTP ; and
  • Identify any new projects, programs, or initiatives.

As we develop the new LRTP, we will also be considering possible new revenue sources, including a potential ballot measure that may be presented to the voters in 2016. Our current schedule anticipates adopting a new LRTP in 2017. Please check back here in the coming weeks and months for more information about the development of the new LRTP, a potential ballot measure, and opportunities to provide your input.

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