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Project Updates and Next Steps

Following the passage of Measure M by L.A. County voters in November 2016, Metro is planning five major transit projects in the San Fernando Valley that will significantly improve and expand mobility options for Valley residents. Of the five Measure M-funded projects, the East San Fernando Valley Transit Corridor Project (ESFVTC Project) could have the greatest impact on the Brighton to Roxford Double Track Project, as the two projects could share the same right-of-way.

Measure M earmarks $1.3 billion for the ESFVTC Project, and the Measure M timeline calls for construction to begin by 2021. Metro Regional Rail is working to coordinate the Brighton to Roxford Double Track Project with the ESFVTC Project to ensure maximum potential benefits of these two projects.  Metro is therefore planning to complete the environmental process for the ESFVTC Project before further advancing the planning and environmental process for the Brighton to Roxford Double Track Project.  As the ESFVTC Project moves through its process, designers will continue to work together closely to ensure coordination between the two projects.   Additional funding will also need to be identified for construction of the Brighton to Roxford Double Track Project, as it is currently only funded through final engineering and design.

As such, Metro is planning to further assess the Brighton to Roxford Double Track Project the in Spring of 2018, once the ESFVTC Project is environmentally cleared and any potential final design for the B-R project can more accurately reflect a new “baseline condition” (or, new “existing condition”) that the newly cleared ESFVTC Project will present to the B-R study area and plans.

Project Materials