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Read progress report from Metro's COVID-19 Recovery Task Force here .

We are in the middle of the most significant public health crises in a century. Metro has responded by maintaining our lifeline services, only encouraging essential trips and requiring riders to wear face coverings. Our front-line employees are out there every day, keeping us running.

In addition to these service and safety adjustments, Metro has formed a Recovery Task Force to develop a plan to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, and recover from it.

The task force will recommend a set of actions to get LA County back on our feet, pedals, wheels and rails. The task force's goals include:

  1. Identifying and recommending potential actions that Metro can take to respond to the pandemic; to recover after the pandemic; to help lead an equitable economic recovery for LA County; and to advance mobility without congestion as the 'new normal' after the pandemic.
  2. Issuing monthly reports to Metro's decision makers on progress towards a recovery plan, including early action items to consider taking.
  3. Drafting a final recovery report.

Guided by equity assessments, Metro's strategic plan, internal expertise and research on emerging best practices, Metro's Recovery Task Force put together its first, second and third progress reports to recommend early, intermediary and long-term actions that the agency can take in advance of the final recovery report. Read the recommendations, and progress reports, below:

Metro is looking for Mobility Services Partnerships

As mentioned in recommendation #16, "New Mobility for the Way Forward," Metro is seeking partnership ideas for complementary mobility services to augment the Metro transit network in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and related economic conditions.

Metro is looking to implement low- or no-cost, in=kind or cost-efficient proposals that can be implemented quickly and improve customer experience with affordable options that can help satisfy demand and manage transit passenger loads/demands. Please see the Request for Information (RFI) document by visiting Vendor Portal -> Forums -> Mobility Services RFI.