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Project Area

Project Area

The Active Transportation Rail to River Corridor Project is composed of two distinct segments, each in a different phase of development. Together they form one path stretching from close proximity to the city of Inglewood to the Los Angeles River.

Segment A

Segment A of the project is referred to as “Rail to Rail,” because it connects the future Crenshaw/LAX Line to the Metro Blue Line. The “Rail to Rail” portion of the project is approximately 6.4 miles in length, stretching east along the Harbor Subdivision rail right-of-way, following Slauson Avenue through South Los Angeles. Once complete, it will provide connections to three transportation hubs:

  • The future Metro Crenshaw/LAX Line’s Fairview Heights Station,
  • The Metro Silver Line at the I-110 freeway Slauson Station, and
  • The Metro Blue Line Slauson Station.

Segment A is concluding the Environmental Review, Clearance and Design phase, which is scheduled for completion in late 2019.

Segment B

Segment B of the project is referred to as “Rail to River,” because it connects the Metro Blue Line east to the Los Angeles River. Metro concluded the Alternatives Analysis (AA) for Segment B in March 2017. As part of the AA Metro studied four alternatives for continuing the active transportation corridor from Segment A at the Metro Blue Line Slauson Station to the Los Angeles River.  The alternatives studied included Malabar, Utility Corridor, Slauson Avenue and Randolph Street (See map below). With community and stakeholder input, the Metro Board of Directors approved the Randolph Street Alternative as the Preferred Alternative.  This Alternative will span 4.3 miles in length, continuing from the east-end of Segment A at the Metro Blue Line to the Los Angeles River.


Segment A is fully funded by a combination of federal, state and local funding sources. In October 2015, the Project became the first of its kind to be awarded funding from the Federal Transportation Authority (FTA) in the form of Department of Transportation (DOT) Tiger VII Grant Funds. Additional funding was provided by a Caltrans ATP Cycle 2 Grant and Metro. Segment B’s Alternatives Analysis was funded by Metro local funds. Metro staff is working with local elected offices to identify funding opportunities for to advance the Locally Preferred Alternative into the next phase of development.

View the Project Area map PDF/printable version .

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