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Project Overview

The Active Transportation Rail to River Corridor Project will convert an existing, underutilized railroad right-of-way (ROW) into a multi-purpose transportation corridor from the City of Inglewood in the western-end to the Los Angeles River in the eastern-end, spanning approximately 10.6 miles. Upon completion, the Active Transportation Rail to River Corridor Project will link neighborhoods, schools, and other key destinations through the heart of South Los Angeles. Most notably, the Project will facilitate:

  • New east-west pedestrian and bicycle linkages,
  • Connections to multiple Metro and municipal bus lines along Slauson Avenue
  • Connecting travelers to three major north-south Metro transit lines:
    • Metro Blue Line
    • The Silver Line Bus Rapid Transit Line, and
    • The future Crenshaw/LAX transit project,
  • Enhancements upon the existing Los Angeles County bicycle network.

The Active Transportation Rail to River Corridor Project will provide a pedestrian and bicycle corridor that will connect the Cities of Los Angeles, Inglewood, Huntington Park, Vernon, Maywood, Bell, and parts of unincorporated Los Angeles County. The Project area is largely composed of a mix of high-density neighborhoods, commercial centers and industrial uses. The Active Transportation Rail to River Corridor Project will provide an active transportation facility that will connect residents and workers to transit, jobs, schools, shopping districts, and parks. By transforming the former rail line and connecting it to the LA River, Metro will also enhance the regional bicycle network.

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