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Segment B

Segment B: Rail to River

Segment B of the project is referred to as “Rail to River,” because it connects the Metro A Line east to the Los Angeles River. In March 2017, Metro concluded the Alternatives Analysis (AA) for Segment B. As part of the AA, Metro studied four alternatives for continuing the active transportation corridor from Segment A at the Metro A Line Slauson Station to the Los Angeles River.   With community and stakeholder input, the Metro Board of Directors approved the Randolph Street Alternative as the Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA). The West Santa Ana Branch (WSAB) Transit Corridor is also planned along Randolph Street, sharing approximately 2.3 miles with the Segment B LPA. Technical analyses of the WSAB and Randolph LPA determined that the existing right-of-way could not accommodate both projects. As a result, a Supplemental Alternatives Analysis (SAA) is being conducted to re-evaluate Randolph Street and other additional/potential alternatives and to continue the active transportation corridor further east to the Los Angeles River.

The AA and SAA work for Segment B is funded by Metro local funds.