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Location 64 Maintenance of Way Building

Metro’s Location 64 Maintenance of Way (MOW) Building, located in the Arts District at 590 South Santa Fe Avenue, is complete.

Adjacent to the City of Los Angeles 6th Street Bridge (under construction), Location 64 will repair and maintain the Metro vehicles that maintain and repair the Red and Purple Line facilities. These facilities include

  • Train Signals
  • Track Right of Way
  • Traction Power
  • Tunnels
  • Subway Stations
  • Rail Communications
  • Fire Protection Systems
  • Security Systems

The new three-story Location 64 houses Metro non-revenue vehicle maintenance staff, Metro Rail Operations staff, and Metro’s Rail Parts Storage staff. Location 64 is not a public facility, but it is essential for operating Metro’s Red and Purple subway lines.

Gruen Associates designed the 86,000 square feet facility which features a warehouse on the first-floor dedicated to storing spare parts, eleven maintenance bays for repairing Metro vehicles, a tire shop, a machine shop, a vehicle car wash, and a small lobby.

The second floor houses offices, training rooms, conference rooms, worker lockers and staff break rooms. The third floor includes several work and machine shops, tool storage rooms, a locker room and parking for Metro maintenance vehicles.

Throughout the design process, the Design Advisory Working Group (DAG), composed of Arts District leaders and artists, were engaged in reviewing and commenting on the building’s exterior design. Ball-Nogues Studio, a Los-Angeles-based design studio, designed and fabricated the unique art work mounted on the building’s west and north sides.

Throughout the planning, design and construction of the building, Metro engaged a Design Advisory Working Group (DAG), comprised of Arts District leaders and artists, for feedback on the building’s exterior design.

Mounted on the exterior facade is a site-specific artwork by Ball-Nogues Studio, which celebrates the extraordinary innovation of past, present and future public transit systems in Los Angeles. Imagery of historic streetcars to contemporary trains and buses appear in a dynamic mural that subtly fluctuates from different viewpoints and as the sun moves across the sky.

Metro Division 20 and Location 64 are connected via the southern Metro tail or pocket tracks.