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Other Potential Projects & Board Reports

Metro continues to advance several other potential PPP projects, working in parallel with on-going environmental clearance efforts for the SR-710 North Gap , the I-710 South Freight Corridor and the High Desert Multipurpose Corridor . The below Board Reports reflect all work being undertaken by the Public-Private Partnership Program.

Association of General Contractors, PPP Subcommittee

Metro has been meeting periodically with members of the PPP Subcommittee of the Association of General Contractors, discussing various potential general contracting issues related to the Public-Private Partnership method of project delivery. For more information, see the Key Commercial Issues Comment Table (5-3-13) compiled by members of the Metro/AGC Joint PPP Committee.

The next issue to be discussed is the concept of Pre-Development Agreements (PDA). The resulting table of comments will be posted here when available.

Board Motions and Reports