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Current Projects

Current Public-Private Partnership Projects

Multi-Modal Projects

  • High Desert Multipurpose Corridor : New 63 mile tollway/highway through Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties between SR-14 and I-15 (Palmdale and Victorville, respectively) with potential for high speed passenger rail.
  • Sepulveda Transit Corridor : Possible private passenger rail and tolled road in tunnel(s) between the San Fernando Valley and Westside to LAX.

Highway Projects

  • I-710 Corridor : Improvement of 18 miles of the Long Beach Freeway from the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach to the north, and includes potential provision for exclusive freight and goods movement facilities.
  • SR-710 North Gap Closure : Construction of an extension to the existing Long Beach Freeway to I-210, and incorporates a proposed tunnel for a significant portion of its alignment.