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Measure R Project Tracker

Project Name & Description Funding Status


The per-passenger cost of providing transit service is much higher than the fares charged to riders. As a result, transit service is subsidized. Measure R is expected to allow Metro to maintain its fares for one year and freeze fares for seniors, students, the disabled and commuters for five years.

Region(s): Regionwide Benefits
$ Assigned from 20% of total funds Ongoing

Alternative to High Gas Prices

Measure R funds are expected to offer alternatives to drive-alone vehicles.

Region(s): Regionwide Benefits

Job Stimulus

According to the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation, Measure R would create over 210,000 new jobs and add more than $32 billion into Los Angeles County's economy.

Region(s): Regionwide Benefits

Here's how it works: The Measure R Projects Tracker lists the various projects in alphabetical order by category with a brief description of the project.1 You can view the status for many of the projects with estimated Measure R funding allocations as projected over 30 years.2

  • *Specific mode and routing will be subject to approved plans developed in cooperation with local jurisdictions and affected communities.
  • **Specific improvements are expected to be developed by local jurisdictions.
  • ***Partial funding by public/private partnerships is assumed to be part of the project plan.

1Projects listed are for reference only and do not indicate priority order. Project definition depends on final environmental process.
2Measure R does not fully fund all projects.