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Measure R Project Tracker

Project Name & Description Funding Status

Eastside Transit Corridor Phase 2

Extends Metro Gold Line farther east from the Pomona/Atlantic Station.

Region(s): Gateway Cities, San Gabriel Valley
More: Project Website
$1.27B MIS/EIR/EIS/EA Draft Phase

Regional Connector: Transit Corridor*

Links four light rail lines that terminate at the edges of Central LA. Expected to provide seamless connections between Long Beach/Claremont, and Culver City/East LA, minimizing the need for rail transfers.

Region(s): City of Los Angeles, Gateway Cities, San Gabriel Valley, South Bay cities, Westside cities
More: Project Website
$160M Preliminary Engineering

West Santa Ana Transit Corridor

Provides for the development of a grade-separated transit corridor. Phase I is designed to go from the LA County line toward downtown LA.

Region(s): City of Los Angeles, Gateway Cities
More: Project Website
$240 million MIS/EIR/EIS/EA Draft Phase

I-5/Carmenita Road Interchange

Removes existing two-lane structure and constructs a new eight-lane interchange with carpool lane on-ramps. Project is located in Santa Fe Springs and Norwalk, and could enable widening of I-5 in the area.

Region(s): Gateway Cities
$138M Construction

I-5 Widening and HOV: I-605 to Orange County Line

Constructs one carpool lane and one mixed-low lane in each direction extending 6.4 miles through Cerritos, La Mirada, Santa Fe Springs and Norwalk. Includes interchange reconstruction and arterial modifications.

Region(s): Gateway Cities
$$265 million Construction

I-605 Corridor "Hot Spot" Interchanges

Improvements to interchanges along the I-605 corridor, such as at the SR-60, I-5, SR-91 and I-405 interchanges. Examples of improvements include roadway widening, ramp expansion and added signage within the interchange.

Region(s): Gateway Cities
$590M Alternatives Analysis Study

I-710 Corridor Project EIS/EIR***

Upgrades the freeway and improves truck and traffic flows between the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach and the SR-60 freeway. Also to be considered are upgrades to the I-710 freeway between Pacific Coast Highway and downtown Long Beach.

Region(s): Gateway Cities
$590M MIS/EIR/EIS/EA Draft Phase

Burlington Northern Santa Fe Grade Separations

Construction of rail and roadway grade separations in the Gateway Cities area at five locations including: Rosecrans Av and Marquardt Av, Passons Bl, Los Nietos Road and Norwalk Bl, Lakeland Road and Pioneer Bl.

Region(s): Gateway Cities
$35.0M Ongoing

Here's how it works: The Measure R Projects Tracker lists the various projects in alphabetical order by category with a brief description of the project.1 You can view the status for many of the projects with estimated Measure R funding allocations as projected over 30 years.2

  • *Specific mode and routing will be subject to approved plans developed in cooperation with local jurisdictions and affected communities.
  • **Specific improvements are expected to be developed by local jurisdictions.
  • ***Partial funding by public/private partnerships is assumed to be part of the project plan.

1Projects listed are for reference only and do not indicate priority order. Project definition depends on final environmental process.
2Measure R does not fully fund all projects.