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Who We Are

The Office of Extraordinary Innovation was created in 2015 by CEO Phil Washington to identify the best ideas in transportation and help to test, refine, and implement them at LA Metro. OEI is focused on finding new ways of thinking and innovative new methods and approaches for bringing convenient, affordable, and effective mobility solutions to Los Angeles.

Who We Are

  • Dr. Joshua Schank is our Chief Innovation Officer. Joshua came from the Eno Center for Transportation, a transportation policy think-tank in Washington, DC where he served as the President and Chief Executive Officer.
  • Nadine Lee is the Deputy Chief Innovation Officer and has a background in civil engineering and project management. Nadine came to Metro after opening the Flatiron Flyer bus rapid transit project in Denver, Colorado.
  • Rani Narula-Woods is our Sr. Director, Special Projects. She manages the agency's new demand-responsive service offering, Metro MicroTransit. Rani previously advised transit agencies and departments of transportation on multi-modal projects and the adoption and integration of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design.
  • Nolan Borgman is a Sr. Transportation Planner managing Metro’s Unsolicited Proposal process and Headquarters Ride Along program. Prior to joining OEI, Nolan worked in the Office of the CEO, Management Audit Services Department and was a Coro Fellow. He is invested in improving the customer experience.
  • Colin F. Peppard is our Innovation Manager for Outreach and Strategic Relationships. Colin spent the last five years working for U.S. Senator Thomas R. Carper as a senior policy aide on federal transportation policy.
  • Yousef Salama is our Innovation Manager for Public-Private Partnerships (PPP). Yousef spent the last seven years working for PPP Canada, a Federal Government Crown Corporation, providing expertise and advice in assessing and executing P3 opportunities at the federal, provincial, territorial and municipal levels. Yousef has been involved in the project development and execution of 12 PPP projects.
  • Marla Westervelt is a Senior Transportation Planner specializing in policy research. Marla was a Senior Policy Analyst and Assistant Editor of Eno Transportation Weekly for the Eno Center for the last three years.
  • Tham Nguyen is a Senior Manager, Transportation Planning focused on delivering a living and breathing Metro Strategic Plan. Tham first joined OEI as a Metro Fellow, having worked on transit corridor planning, active transportation funding, complete streets initiatives, and the development of Metro’s Active Transportation Strategic Plan.
  • Emma Huang is a Transportation Planner, focusing on innovation research and strategic initiatives. She is currently supporting Mobility on Demand and the development of Metro's Strategic Plan. Prior to joining OEI, Emma was a Master of Public Policy graduate student with the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs.
  • Glendora Walker is the Executive Secretary for the Office of Extraordinary Innovation. Glendora previously supported the Rail Operations staff under Bruce Shelburne.

Innovation Fellows

Innovation Fellows are LA Metro staff who will rotate into the Office of Extraordinary Innovation for a one year fellowship:

  • Tamar Fuhrer is a Manager, Transportation Planning who joins us from the Operations department where she managed capital and operational projects. Prior to joining Metro, Tamar worked for Fehr and Peers, focusing on transportation planning, travel demand forecasting, and livable streets.  Tamar is actively involved in the Los Angeles chapters of the American Planning Association (APA) and Women in Transportation Seminar (WTS), and currently serves on the Board of the latter.
  • Eileen Hsu is a Senior Graphic Designer who joins us from the Design Studio in the Communications Department where she has designed the promotional and informational media of the TAP program. Prior to joining Metro, Eileen worked with Sussman-Prejza and LACMA.

OEI also accepts part-time academic fellows, and hosts high school and college interns on a temporary basis through the TCAP and MIP programs.

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