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Extraordinary Innovation


We live in extraordinary times. While Los Angeles presents some of the toughest mobility challenges in America, the world is experiencing levels of transportation innovation unprecedented in recent memory. And these changes are in turn redefining what an agency like Metro should be.

To take advantage of the promise offered by these opportunities, Metro has set a goal to be the most innovative transportation agency in the country, ensuring that we are using every tool at our disposal to help improve mobility in LA County.

With that in mind, the Office of Extraordinary Innovation was established to explore new ways to move LA by finding and testing leading-edge ideas that have potential to improve mobility for the people in the region. From public private capital partnerships to cutting edge new technologies, OEI is tasked with identifying, evaluating, developing, and implementing these new approaches. These efforts may be undertaken by Metro on its own or jointly in collaboration with private sector firms through public-private partnership agreements .

To carry out this work, OEI has three tools.

    • Unsolicited Proposals allow private-sector companies working on transportation innovations to present new ideas directly to Metro for review and evaluation, jump-starting the traditional public procurement process. The most exciting proposals could lead to a demonstration, a pilot project, or in the most successful cases, full deployment across Metro’s system.
    • The Metro Strategic Plan is a new approach to thinking about how Metro can create and maintain a seamless, world-class transportation system that better serves all LA County residents, whether they choose to walk, bike, take transit, or drive. OEI is working with staff across the agency, as well as partners and customers, to rethink what it means to improve mobility for 10 million people. The Strategic Plan will allow Metro to hone our business strategies in all areas of planning and implementation by setting a clear vision for the future, developing the roadmap to guide Metro in achieving our goals, measuring our progress, and ensuring that our agency can adapt to the changing needs of our customers and LA County residents, and the way they travel. Please check back on the Strategic Planning webpage in the future to learn how you can be involved!
    • Internal Consulting allows OEI to flexibly and strategically engage in Metro initiatives where increased capacity and support or innovative and collaborative approaches are needed to develop and implement ideas of importance to Metro and the region.

Our theory is that by putting a focus on smart long-term goals and opening our doors to the innovation occurring in the private sector, Metro has the potential to create something in LA that is truly extraordinary.

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