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Think You Can Solve Traffic?

The Problem: Los Angeles County consistently ranks as one of the most congested cities in the United States. While waiting in traffic has become an expectation for many residents, there are solutions.

The Solution: Your Ideas

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) seeks solutions to traffic that align with its Strategic Plan Vision 2028 goals . The Strategic Plan Vision 2028 envisions trying out the following measures to reduce gridlock:

  • Incentives to encourage people to carpool, vanpool, rideshare, take transit, walk and/or bike instead of driving alone.
  • Incentives to shift people driving at peak periods to non-peak periods.
  • Congestion pricing on local road, highways and/or corridors.
  • Parking and curb-use fees that optimize the existing space for cars and other modes.
  • And any other tools that manage travel demand.

Metro seeks solutions that test these measures utilizing cutting-edge technologies (as appropriate) that have the potential to be scaled into permanent programs. Through these solutions to traffic, Metro aims to accomplish the overall Vision 2028 goals of decreasing commute times and improving travel reliability and certainty.

Who Should Submit Solutions: We are looking for multi-disciplinary teams to submit new solutions to solve traffic. Technologist, start-ups, inventors, scientists and urbanist that currently work in a variety of sectors are welcome to submit ideas. And of course we welcome transit nerds and transportation wonks to think outside the box and submit solutions too. In order to solve traffic Metro would like to explore nudges to encourage people in Los Angeles County to try a new way of traveling.

Think You Can Solve Traffic? Challenge Rules:

Solutions will be reviewed by Metro’s Office of Extraordinary Innovation and an internal panel of Metro experts and proposers may be invited to present to Metro executives and external experts by Spring 2019 (UP Phase 1). Solutions may have opportunities to advance towards a proof of concept, formal procurement or other next steps (UP Phase 2).

* Register to attend this free public event and submit your solution.

Think You Can Solve Traffic? Application

Solutions will be reviewed based on the Unsolicited Proposal (UP) Program guidelines. Solutions that are submitted by January 31, 2019 will be considered in this review round. If you have questions, please contact Vendor/Contract Management

Metro recently adopted an Equity Platform Framework , solutions that include inclusive outreach and that address equity in their design are strongly encouraged. This may include connecting to assistance programs like Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) , Metro LIFE , Federal Lifeline Program and Pay-Near-Me and communications companies that excel in serving low-income communities (like Assurance Wireless, BoostMobile, Metro PCS, and LycaMobile). Access to solutions is improved for all when high-tech is supplemented with high-touch in-person outreach.