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Internal Consulting


OEI incorporated internal consulting into its structure and practice because of the diversity of issues requiring innovation and multitude of ways that innovation can manifest within an organization. In its first year, OEI has observed that often innovation within Metro is already occurring but requires assistance. The purposes of internal consulting are to be a resource to encourage greater innovation, to lend support to innovations already being pursued, and to assist in taking on challenges in need of additional resources. Though every case will be different, this venture will help OEI to identify opportunities, facilitate closer coordination across departments, and bring facts to bear using research, best practices and data.


  1. Provide a resource to encourage greater innovation within Metro
  2. Assist and develop the innovations already being pursued within Metro
  3. Take on challenges that are worthwhile but may require more resources than are already available


  1. Signal pre-emption on Expo
  2. Wi-Fi and cellular on buses and trains
  3. Sponsorship for bikeshare
  4. Fare payment and wayfinding technology integration
  5. Procurement innovation
  6. V2i eco-drive applications for BRT
  7. Improving data collection practices for First and Last Mile Planning