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Headway: News On Innovation At Home And Abroad


The Future is Now
What does Elon Musk’s Master Plan for Tesla Have to do with Metro?

Ten years ago, entrepreneur Elon Musk set out to disrupt the auto industry with Tesla - his new line of electric vehicles (EVs), and largely succeeded. But even in Elon’s autonomous auto-focused imagination, public transit will play a key role in delivering mobility. read more...

ISO Billion-Dollar Ideas
Office of Innovation seeks creative entrepreneurs for BIG thinking…

Metro is searching for a few brilliant ideas that can change the face of transportation in Los Angeles County. Do you have one of them? read more...

How to Deliver: Best Practices for UPs
Three Tips for Crafting a Compelling Proposal

Three potential pitfalls to avoid when preparing and submitting an Unsolicited Proposal . read more...

Spotlight on Innovation: Metro Goes Viral
Los Angeles is one of the world’s largest media markets. To break through the noise requires seriously innovative marketing skills. But Metro’s Social Media team have accepted the challenge, embracing the opportunity to play on the big stage. read more...

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