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Situated in the Antelope Valley in the northwest corner of Los Angeles County, just south of the Kern County border, State Route 138 (SR-138) extends 36 miles from Interstate 5 (I-5) to SR-14. The highway is the main east-west route west of SR-14 and connects this portion of the County to Lancaster, Palmdale and other High Desert communities. This corridor currently functions as a bypass for people and goods movement, as well as providing critical mobility for the Antelope Valley economy which provides employment opportunities not found elsewhere in the county such as space technology and alternative energy. The area is also home to Edwards Air Force Base, an important site for testing and evaluating new military aircraft and systems.

To accommodate the potential for both population and economic growth in the future, Metro and the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) developed and evaluated corridor alternatives to assess options for safety and operational improvements to the corridor such as improving sight distances and bringing non-standard roadway features to standard will help accommodate future demand, emergency access and improve connections to residential and business property located along the corridor.

The Final EIR/EIS is now complete and is available for viewing.