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Utility Relocation and Demolition of Structures

New Construction Work Hours

Starting Wednesday, October 23, 2019, new construction work hours will be in effect for utility relocation and demolition activities. New work hours will be 7am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.

Advanced Utility Relocation and Demolition of Structures

Metro Contractors will continue utility relocation and demolition activities within Metro’s Division 20 rail yard in the Arts District extending from north of the 1st St Bridge to Metro’s Division 20 parking lot (320 S. Santa Fe Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012). Utility relocation activities consists of saw cutting, trench excavation, conduit installation, backfill and repaving. Demolition activities consists of building demolition, excavation and hauling spoil material to dump sites.


  • All work will be contained within Metro’s property.
  • All work has received necessary permits and approvals.
  • Utilities used by residents and businesses will not be impacted.
  • Access to businesses and driveways will not be impacted


The Division 20 Portal Widening and Turnback Facility Project will enhance the Division 20 Rail Yard to allow for improved service times throughout the Metro Red/Purple Line system.

What to Expect

What: Utility Relocation; Abatement and Demolition of Structures

Where: Within Metro Division 20 Rail Yard, east of One Santa Fe Apartments When: New construction work hours will go into effect on Wednesday, October 23rd. Ongoing utility relocation and demolition activities are anticipated to continue for approximately 2 months.

Hours of Construction: Monday through Friday, from 7am to 5pm

Construction is a dynamic process and information is subject to change without notice. Work activity is subject to weather conditions. For questions or complaints, contact our project hotline at 213.922.1111 or email