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Utility Exploration

Metro will perform small excavations to confirm the location of utilities and other underground structures that may be located under the East San Fernando Valley Light Rail Transit alignment. The work will continue until the end of Summer 2021.

Approved work hours are:

  • Weekdays from April 14 to May 7, 2021. Work Hours: 8pm to 6am
  • Weekends from April 17 to May 8, 2021. Work Hours: Saturdays from 8am to 6pm

Work will occur intermittently at various street intersections. Due to this activity:

  • Van Nuys Bl may be reduced to one lane in each direction at the identified intersections. The bike lane will be shared with the vehicular lane.
  • Left turn lanes will be prohibited at identified intersections northbound and southbound on Van Nuys Bl.
  • Curb lane parking may be prohibited on Van Nuys Bl between the identified intersections.

The schedule below reflects the work on the intersections along Van Nuys Bl.

  • April 14: Between Wyandotte St / Valerio St
  • April 15: Aetna St and Bessemer St
  • April 17: Between Wyandotte St / Sherman St, and Gault St
  • April 19 & April 20: Gault St
  • April 21: Aetna St and Bessemer St
  • April 22: Gault St
  • April 24: Between Wyandotte St / Sherman St, and Valerio St 
  • April 26 & April 27: Between Wyandotte St / Sherman St
  • April 28 & April 29: Wyandotte St
  • May 1: Valerio St
  • May 3: Between Wyandotte St / Sherman St
  • May 4 & May 5: Valerio St
  • May 7: Between Valerio St / Covello St, and Victory St
  • May 8: Between Valerio St / Covello St

What to Expect

  • Please look for posted signs at affected bus stops, as bus stops may be temporarily relocated due to this activity.
  • Work that is louder than ambient noise will be monitored, and will only take place during daytime hours.
  • Dates are subject to change.
  • All work has approved permits from local jurisdictions