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Traffic Reconfiguration

Regional Connector Constructors (RCC) will be performing traffic reconfiguration at the intersection of 1st St/Alameda for Alameda tunnel box construction.
Activities will require an intersection closure of 1st St and Alameda.
Anticipated work hours are from 7 pm on Friday, October 23, 2020 to 5 pm Saturday, October 24, 2020 for one day only.

Activities include: traffic set up, removal of k-rail, saw cutting, restriping, traffic loop installations, mobilizing equipment and materials.
Access to adjacent businesses will be maintained at all times.
Pedestrian crosswalks on 1st St and Alameda St may be restricted intermittently during work hours. Detour: use the pedestrian detour as an alternate route.

1st St/Alameda Intersection Closure: A full closure of the intersection is anticipated from 7 pm Friday to 5 pm Saturday. Local access maintained.


1st St:
EB: left on Judge John Aiso St, right on Temple St, right on Vignes St, left on 1st St.
WB: right on Vignes St, left on Temple St, left on Judge John Aiso St, right on 1st St.

NB Alameda St: left on 3rd St, right on Los Angeles St, right on Aliso St, left on Alameda St.
SB Alameda St: right on Temple St, left on Judge John Aiso St, left on 4th St, right on Alameda St.
Thru traffic will be maintained on Temple St with lane reductions in place between Judge.

Plan ahead and use detour signage as an alternate route. When working on 1st St, bus stops near the 1st St/Alameda St intersection will be relocated. Signage will identify new stops. For updates please visit