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PLE 3: Street Restriping on Wilshire Blvd and Westwood Blvd

Metro contractors will restore street markings on Wilshire Blvd between Veteran Ave and Westwood Blvd, and on Westwood Blvd between Lindbrook Dr and Wilshire Blvd, on Wednesday, April 14 from 9am to 3:30pm.

 Work Hours: Wednesday, April 14, 9am to 3:30pm.

 Traffic Controls:

  • Eastbound lane reductions on Wilshire Blvd. between Glendon Ave. and Veteran Ave.
  • Southbound lane reductions on Westwood Blvd between Lindbrook Dr and Wilshire Blvd.
  • Driveway access will be maintained.


  •  All work has received necessary permits and approvals.
  • Access to businesses will be maintained.
  • Access for emergency responders will be maintained.
  • Construction is dynamic and schedules are subject to change.
  • 24/7 Hotline: 213-922-6934

 Metro Acces

  • During construction, some Metro bus lines could be affected, and some bus stops might be relocated.
  • For information on changes to Metro service, please call 323.GoMetro or visit: