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Last Weekend of Closures for La Brea Decking!


As of 2am Sunday, October 9th La Brea Decking will be complete, there will be no more full weekend closures for La Brea Decking moving forward! The project, anticipated to take 22 weekends will finish in 16 weekends, 6 weeks earlier than expected!

The next phase of work will include station excavation, deck opening deliveries, and street restoration. Under the decking, station excavation will occur continuously until tunneling begins.

Excavation will happen from the staging yards and the majority of removed soils will be transported off-site. The design-builder will also be delivering materials under the decking throughout the project. This will require temporarily opening the deck panels to lower materials under a non-peak hour lane closure.
We recognize that these closures were challenging for those living, working, and commuting in the area. During construction, we strive to provide you with the most up to date information.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while the Purple Line Extension is being built.

What to Expect

Directional closures may still be in effect on weekends for additional work, notifications will continue to be sent out each week to provide the latest construction update and detour information.

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