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Little Tokyo/Arts District Station Site Crane Transfer/Assembly and Concrete Demolition


Regional Connector Constructors (RCC) will perform crane transfer between Mangrove site and the 1st/Central site. RCC will perform demolition on a concrete pad at the future Little Tokyo/Arts District Station.

Work is anticipated to begin on Monday February 26. The crane transfer will be performed, weather permitting, between 2 am to 3:30 pm, and continue for approximately one week. Crane pad demolition will be performed, weather permitting, from 7 am to 4 pm, and continue for approximately two weeks.


Activities include: haul crane to construction yard for reassembly, use of equipment with hydraulic impact hammers to break concrete pad inside the station site, and loading concrete to haul trucks.

Early morning transfer is needed to prevent traffic impacts due to the oversize loads. Work will be contained within the current work zone. Sound mitigations will be in place during work hours. 

Pedestrian, business, and local access will be maintained. Flagger will be on site to assist trucks entering and exiting the yard.

What to Expect

Haul routes

  • Trucks will enter the 1st St and Central Av yard traveling southbound on Alameda St and exit northbound on Central Av
  • Trucks will turn right on eastbound 1st St going north on Alameda or will continue eastbound on 1st St, Mission Rd, 101 freeway

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