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Waterline Excavation on Central Av between 1st St and 2nd St


Tuesday, March 20: Scheduled work hours have been updated.

Friday, March 2: The duration of this activity has been extended through March.

Thursday, February 1: The duration of this activity has been extended to mid-February.


Regional Connector Constructors (RCC) will begin excavating and securing the underground utilities (shoring) for an existing 20” waterline on Central Av between 1st and 2nd St.

Starting Thursday, March 29, RCC will begin daytime excavation and street restoration for approximately one week. Work hours will be from 9 am to 3:30 pm. Traffic set up during the daytime activities will maintain thru traffic on northbound Central Av.

Temporary removable barriers and sound blankets will be in place.


Pedestrian access will be maintained outside of the work area during work hours. Meter parking will be restricted within construction zone.

Activities will include: setting up traffic control, temporarily shutting off waterline valves, removing traffic plates, saw cutting, excavating, installing shoring, capping a 20” waterline, backfilling and paving.

What to Expect

  • Left-turn pocket from westbound 1st St onto southbound Central Av will be restricted during work hours.
  • Northbound Central Av traffic between 1st and 2nd St will be restricted during work hours
  • Southbound traffic on Central Av between eastbound 1st St and 2nd St will remain open for traffic.
  • All driveway access maintained via southbound Central Av from eastbound 1st St.


  • Northbound Central Av traffic will detour right on 2nd St, left turn on Alameda St, and left turn to 1st St.
  • Westbound 1st St traffic will detour  right onto Alameda northbound, turn left onto Temple, left onto San Pedro St, left onto eastbound 1st St right on Central Av.

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