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Notice of Night Work Activity - August 20


The contractor will pour the deck of the northern side of the Sunset bridge for three nights, requiring directional full freeway closures and full closures of Sunset Bl.

What: Bridge deck pour


Full Closure Location


Recommended Detour

Mainline – NB 405 between the Montana Av and Moraga Dr ramps

Full closure on Tuesday, August 21 from 12am – 5am 

NB 405 traffic will be detoured off the freeway at Montana Av off-ramp to NB Sepulveda Bl, back to NB 405 at Moraga Dr

Mainline – SB 405 between the WB Sunset to SB on-ramp and Wilshire Bl

Full closure on Friday, August 24 from 12am – 5am

SB I-405 traffic will be detoured at Sunset Bl off-ramp to NB Church Ln, to SB Sepulveda Bl, to WB Wilshire Bl-SB on-ramp

Sunset Bl between Barrington Av and Veteran Av

Church Ln between Sepulveda Bl and Kiel St

August 20, 21 and 23, 2012 from 10pm to 6am 

WB Sunset Bl traffic will be detoured to SB Veteran Av, to WB Wilshire Bl, to NB Barrington Av, back to Sunset Bl

EB Sunset Bl traffic will be detoured to SB Barrington Av, to EB Wilshire Bl, to NB Veteran Av, back to Sunset Bl

Local access will be maintained

Where: I-405 freeway at Sunset Bridge, Sunset Bl and Sepulveda Bl

What to expect:

  • Deck pour over Sepulveda Bl is scheduled for Tuesday, August 21, 2012 from 10pm to 6am. Sepulveda Bl between Wilshire Bl and Montana Av will be fully closed. Traffic will be detoured to Montana Av, Veteran Av, Wilshire Bl, back to Sepulveda Bl.
  • Sepulveda Bl between Church Ln/Ovada Pl and Montana Av will be maintained with one lane in each direction. 
  • Freeway lane reduction may start at 10pm the night before the full closure.
  • Freeway traffic will be detoured off the freeway to Sepulveda Bl and then to the next available on-ramp.
  • Pedestrians will be rerouted to an area outside the construction zone.
  • Sunset Bl on-and-off ramps will be closed.  Closures may start as early as 7pm and will be coordinated with Caltrans.
  • The SB 405 Sunset off-ramp will remain open as part of the detour.
  • Emergency access will be maintained.
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