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Rail Stabilization Work between Washington Station and Compton Station


As part of work on Metro’s New Blue Improvements Project, Metro’s contractor, RailWorks, will be performing rail stabilization and track grinding activities along the Metro Blue Line right-of-way between the following stations:

  • Washington Station and Compton Station

This activity is anticipated to begin on Saturday, September 28th at 11pm (weather permitting) and last until 3am Monday, September 30th 2019. The work will begin at Washington Station and will continue in a southbound direction along the Metro right-of-way until Compton Station.


There will be rail stabilization work, taking place to ensure the security of rail, and track grinding work. This work will involve the use of a stabilizer machine which will create some ambient noise. The machine will be progressing south from its initial start location, will be limited to the right-of-way, and will reverse to head back north. Public streets will not be impacted.

What to Expect 

Construction activities will involve the use of heavy equipment and small tools, in addition to placement of large panels, and will have potential to create noise.

Noise monitors will be used onsite while construction activities are in progress.

Construction is a dynamic process and information is subject to change. Work activity is subject to weather conditions.

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