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1st Street at Long Beach Bl and Pacific Av


As part of work on Metro’s New Blue Improvements Project, Metro’s contractor, RailWorks, will replace concrete railroad crossings and temporarily close the intersections along the Blue Line at the following locations in Long Beach:

  • 1st  Street and Long Beach Bl
  • 1st Street and Pacific Av

This activity will begin on Thursday, February 28th at 7am and last until Monday, March 4th 2019 at 5am for both intersections.

These intersections are anticipated to be closed for the entirety of the work activity.


There will be a four-day closure of the intersections at 1st Street at Long Beach Bl and 1st Street and Pacific Av.

Vehicles will continue to be able to drive northbound and southbound along Long Beach Bl and Pacific Av however they will not be able to make turns across the tracks.

Detour signage will be posted along Long Beach Bl and Pacific Av.

What to Expect

Construction activities will involve the use of heavy equipment and small tools, in addition to placement of large panels, and will have potential to create noise.

Noise monitors will be used onsite while construction activities are in progress.