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Route Options

The Draft EIR will analyze the Proposed Project including its various route options. The BRT would primarily run along surface streets with some segments running along State Route 134 in mixed-flow freeway lanes.



Within North Hollywood, the proposed project begins/ends at the North Hollywood Red/Orange Line Station. From the station, two different route options are being considered:

1)   Via Lankershim Bl
2)   Via Vineland Av

Both routes would continue onto the SR 134 at Riverside Drive.


Within Burbank, the route exits the SR 134 at Hollywood Way to serve the Burbank Media District, continuing along Olive Av to Glenoaks Bl


Within Glendale, the BRT route would operate on Glenoaks Bl to Central Av. Three different route options are being considered:

1)   At Central Av, the BRT could merge onto the SR 134 to Harvey Av and continue east toward Eagle Rock.
2)   Via Central Av to Broadway
3)   Via Central Av to Colorado St

Broadway and Colorado St are being considered for east-west travel within Glendale. Each option provides connections to different key destinations within the city, including the Glendale Galleria, the Americana at Brand and the new Armenian Museum.


The BRT would serve the community of Eagle Rock via one of two potential routes:

  1. Along Colorado Bl before merging onto the SR 134 at Linda Rosa Av
  2. Along SR-134 with potential stops at Harvey Dr and Figueroa Bl to serve the community before merging back onto the freeway heading east

To the west, either of these two route options could connect to the street or freeway route options in Glendale. To the east, both route options would continue on the SR-134 into Pasadena.


Within Pasadena, various route options are being considered:

  1. The BRT could exit the SR-134 at Fair Oaks Av and head south to connect to the Memorial Park Gold Line Station via Raymond Av. It would then continue east on Colorado Bl in mixed-flow lanes to Hill Av at Pasadena City College;
  2. The BRT could also exit the SR-134 at Orange Grove Bl and continue east on Colorado Av in mixed-flow lanes to Hill St at Pasadena City College; or
  3. The BRT could operate as a couplet in mixed-flow lanes, with buses traveling east along Green St to Hill Av at Pasadena City College. On the return trip, the BRT would travel west along Union St.