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Primary Street Concept

The Primary Street Concept runs exclusively on surface streets for approximately 17.3 miles and includes 23 BRT station locations.

NoHo to Pasadena street alignment

Alternative Street Route Options being considered under the Street Concept for each corridor segment include:

  • Western Segment: In lieu of the Lankershim Boulevard, Riverside Drive and Olive Avenue combination, three other options are being considered within this segment of the project area.
  • Central Segment: In lieu of the Broadway Boulevard, Brand Boulevard, and Glenoaks Boulevard combination, two other options are being considered.
  • Eastern Segment: Rather than operating service on Colorado Boulevard through Old Pasadena, as delineated for the primary concept, this option proposes a couplet that services the area via Green and Union Streets.

Primary Freeway Concept

The Primary Freeway Concept proposes a BRT alignment that operates primarily along the SR-134 High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes as well as some surface streets for approximately 15.7 miles and includes nine BRT stations.

NoHo to Pasadena freeway alignment

Alternative Freeway Route Option:

Hollywood Burbank Airport Option: This option is similar to the Primary Freeway Concept in which the BRT alignment runs primarily on the SR-134 HOV lanes. This option could begin at the North Hollywood Red/Orange Line Station and travel north to the Hollywood Burbank Airport, then enter onto Interstate 5 (I-5) before merging onto the  onto SR-134 at the I-5/SR-134 interchange. This option includes 12 stations.

Study Area

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