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Study Process

What is the current status?

The Metro NextGen redesign process has transitioned from the Draft Service Plan Development to Step 4, Finalizing the Bus Service Plan Implementation. Metro staff have processed all the robust data and input received to date and have restructured current bus lines and updated the entire bus system. The updated Plan will now be sent to the Metro Service Councils who will provide input for incorporation before the Plan is sent to the Metro Board for final approval and implementation.

During Step 3, the Metro NextGen Bus Plan was developed, and new service concepts were presented to the Metro Board and the public in early 2020. Updates were made to the Draft Plan based on public comments and included some additional coverage and convenience, as well as fine tuning some service frequencies.

Step 1, which focused on elevating public awareness and listening to stakeholder groups input, was completed in Summer 2018. This included listening to past, current and potential riders about their habits, needs, preferences and how they want to get around.

During Step 2, we asked the community to consider tradeoffs when telling us about their transit priorities. We then dove deeper into analyzing technical data that helped the team understand how Angelenos travel throughout LA County (please see the NextGen Data Center to explore this data). All this information helped to inform the service design considerations within the Regional Service Concept .

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