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You spoke, we listened. Together we created a better bus system.

The NextGen Regional Service Concept was reviewed and approved by the Metro Board of Directors in Summer 2019. The Regional Service Concept defines the goals and objectives of the new bus network and was developed through consideration of both technical data and all the priorities and personal experiences we heard from nearly 20,000 LA County residents through questionnaires and 300 meetings, events, presentations and workshops. Together with your comments, the Regional Service Concept guided the NextGen bus service planners through this system redesign process to create the Draft NextGen Bus Plan .

As part of the transition into the final step of the Bus Plan Development, Metro will held a series of six virtual public hearings  in August 2020 to receive community input on proposed service changes to Metro’s bus service. Approved changes will become effective December 2020 or later. Five of the meetings were focused on the five Metro Service Council areas, including the Gateway Cities, San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Valley, South Bay Cities and Westside Central. A sixth ‘All Regions’ meeting also took place.

Public Hearing Recordings

All Regions Public Hearing Presentation

So, what is NextGen?

The NextGen Bus Plan was developed to implement a new competitive bus system in Los Angeles County that is fast, frequent, reliable and accessible. In 2018, Metro started reimagining our bus system to better meet the needs of current and future riders through the NextGen Bus Study. The Study yielded thousands of comments and input from the public, including local stakeholder groups, riders and agencies and that input was used to develop the NextGen Bus Plan.

The Metro Board of Directors authorized the Draft Plan be released to the public in early 2020 and additional input was incorporated. The Plan is now on its final review through the public hearing process for approval and implementation later this year.

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