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You spoke, we listened. Together we created a better bus system.

The NextGen Regional Service Concept was reviewed and approved by the Metro Board of Directors in Summer 2019. The Regional Service Concept defines the goals and objectives of the new bus network and was developed through consideration of both technical data and all the priorities and personal experiences we heard from nearly 20,000 LA County residents through questionnaires and 300 meetings, events, presentations and workshops. Together with your comments, the Regional Service Concept guided the NextGen bus service planners through this system redesign process to create the Draft NextGen Bus Plan .

Now, the Metro NextGen redesign process has transitioned from the Study phase into the Plan phase. After hearing from our community members and study participants, we are excited to show you what our team has been working on! Starting in February 2020, a series of public workshops will be hosted by Metro where proposed bus line changes and system upgrades will be showcased.

So, what is NextGen?

In 2018, Metro began the process of reimagining our bus system to better meet the needs of current and future riders through the NextGen Bus Study. After all, the Metro bus network carries 70% of all transit riders in the county and has not had a major overhaul in 25 years. Since that time, our county has evolved dramatically, with over a million residents added and the transformation of many local communities with new travel patterns. Today, LA County has 105 miles of rail service and service will continue to grow steadily over the next 25 years. In addition, with new transportation options like ride hailing apps and bike share, it is important that our bus system integrates with all the ways Angelenos travel today, with flexibility built in for the future. Now in the next phase of the project, the goal of the NextGen Bus Plan is to implement a new bus network that is more relevant, reflective of, and attractive to the residents of LA County. We believe this redesigned network will improve service to current customers, attract new customers and win back past customers.

Metro's Bus Story: Discover the NextGen journey