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Blue Line Shuttles

Metro is providing three levels of bus shuttle service during these closures to provide customers with a variety of service options.

Bus Shuttles

Lines Hours Price
864 Local (Effective 6/1) Same hours as rail Free - All Door Boarding
863 Select (Effective 6/4) Weekday rush only Free transfer w/ TAP or $1.75
Express Shuttle 860 (Effective 6/1) Mon-Fri 5am-7:40pm, Sat-Sun 10am-6pm Free transfer w/ TAP or $1.75

Alternate Routes

Lines Connection
Metro Silver Line 910/950 7th St/Metro Ctr to Harbor Fwy Green Line Station Station
Metro Local 55/355 Downtown LA to Willowbrook/Rosa Parks via Compton Av
Metro Local 115 Manchester Silver Line Station to Firestone Station
Metro Local 108/358 Slauson Silver Line Station to Slauson Blue Line Station via Slauson Av

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